Entry: The new new overview section Sunday, December 17, 2006

Welcome to the new, NEW, overview section (the other one was getting too long). But I'll leave it for reference.

I won't update one section any longer, because it's too hard to go back and post new studies that way. What I will do is update this blog like a regular blog. If you want definitions and explanations, you'll have to scroll downward. Sorry, I know that's backwards, but that's the way blogs are.

I will do a quick recap of what I think is the most pertinent info to date on Hashimoto's and infertility. (list)

As for today's entry:

I've now had 4 miscarriages. I sent the 3rd out for a karyotype and tissue study. The karyotype showed a trisomy-18 abnormality (chromosomal abnormality). After scratching my head over the pathologist-ese on the tissue study, I did some Googling and found a good instructional pathology web site, pathguy.com.

On it I found reference to a study which apparently concludes that a type IV immune injury to trophoblast is a cause of RPL (JAMA 273: 1933, 1995). That's Path Guy's take, I couldn't even understand the abstract. That was only part of the report - I still haven't figured out what "decidual lymphoid aggregates" or "spiral medial basophilia" means. It sounds like a chromosomal abnormality was part of the problem, but that there was evidence of non-genetic, immune-related etiology as well.

To help me figure out the study in JAMA, I Googled some more and found this:
Th1 and Th2 responses: what are they? (BMJ 2000;321:424)

Is there a "cure" for the imbalance of TH1- and TH2-type cytokines? I'm guessing no, because if there is one, wouldn't we all have heard about it by now?

In fact, nothing I've done (besides taking antihistamines) has made even the slightest dent in my CU. Not thyroid meds, not different combinations of thyroid meds, not environment, not fasting, not chiropractic, not acupuncture, not FolGuard, not Pacific Northwest fish oil capsules, not flaxseed or primrose oil, not selenium, not weird Chinese herbs that taste like dirt, not the absence or presence of heat or cold, not perfume-dye-free laundry detergent, not organically grown cotton clothing and bedding... nothing. I've air-dried naked after a shower in a room with a Sharper Image air filter going full blast - nothing.

Since 2005, the one time my chronic urticaria disappeared for 24 beautiful hours, sans Claritin, was the one time I've gotten sick since being diagnosed with Hashimoto's. I had a UTI, which unfortunately is no walk in the park either. I have to wonder, was there a connection? Not that a UTI would be any kind of fun replacement for CU, but maybe the bacterial infection interrupted those busy TH1 helper T-cells somehow. Maybe it distracted my thyroid in general for awhile.

But more importantly than the link to CU (at least to me) is the relationship to recurrent pregnancy loss.  No cure exists for TPO/ATAb.  But is there a way to protect a pregnancy?  Other than taking steroids, heparin and folic acid? 

Then I have to wonder, are those TH1 helper T-cells really extra busy? Or is it the TH2s who simply aren't pulling their weight?

So much I don't understand, obviously. Thanks for bearing with me during my learning curve.


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